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SDDT 9/25/02 In pursuit of good growth

What do soccer moms, bored teenagers and weary commuters have in common? They are identified as just a few of the "victims of sprawl" in "Suburban Nation," a book by leading new urbanist designers and implementors: Andres Duany, Elizatbeth Plater-Zyberk, and Jeff Speck.

SDDT 9/1/02 City of Parks or City of Parking?
I do not disagree that this "Strategic Framework Element" for the General Plan contains some good language. But good language that is not enforceable and sets no standards is just that: pretty prose and nothing more.
SDDT 11/19/01 Political transition needed "For the first time since the oil age began, the world has the technology to wean itself from petroleum coming from the politically volatile Middle East," says Lester R. Brown in his new book, "Eco-Economy: Building an Economy for the Earth."
SDDT 2/23/01 Regional questions

If regionalism is the answer, what's the question? And who's asking it?

SDDT 1/26/01 In the dark

The Golden State has lost its glow -- literally. We are now the "Brownout State" and who can you call? Carolyn comments on the energy mess.

SDDT 5/1/00 Penciling Out Energy, Politics & SDG&E
SDDT 3/20/00 Rational choices Subsidizing "bad behavior"
SDDT 1/10/00 Building Green Green homes
SDDDT 12/6/99 Congestion Politics Transportation planning -- BAD
SDDT 10/18/99  What Fuels These Mortals Be Oil overdependence & fuel economy
SDDT 10/11/99  Sludge Fund Mission Bay Park, pollution & $$
SDDT 6/28/99 Getting with the program Recycled products purchasing co-op
SDDT 6/14/99 Interesting Times Environmental revolution?
SDDT 5/24/99 Building Leadership Green building
SDDT 4/3/99 Planning to fail Fees for smart growth
SDDT 3/22/99 Course correction  Business & Sustainability
SDDT 3/15/99 Better not Bigger Myths of growth
SDDT 3/8/99 Driving Evolution Green cars & trucks
SDDT 11/23/98 Cut taxes, save the world Harnessing the market for the environment
SDDT 11/16/98 The Next Industrial Revolution Business & environment
SDDT 10/5/98 Congressional Attachments Congress & environment -- NOT
SDDT 8/17/98 Putting a Price on Mom Ecology, economics & growth
SDDT 7/20/98 21st Century Infrastructure: Builders Wanted Science, environment & growth
SDDT 7/13/98 Driving Taxes Vehicle licence fee cuts
SDDT 5/25/98 The Price Is Not Right Price distortions & environment
SDDT 4/13/99 Cut Polluter Pork Cut pollution subsidies
SDDT 4/3/98 Smart Taxes Tax pollution,reward enterprise
SDDT 2/23/98 All Wet Local flooding issues
SDDT 12/8/97 Tyranny of Choice or The Terms of the Deals Downtown dealmaking