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SDDT 2/24/03 Irrational planning... on rails
The politics at issue here are the politics of big-money and good-old-boyism involved with so-called “Light Rail Transit” (LRT) planning in our region. There's nothing really “light” about LRT in terms of either the costs or time it takes to deliver.
SDDT 9/1/02 City of Parks or City of Parking?
I do not disagree that this "Strategic Framework Element" for the General Plan contains some good language. But good language that is not enforceable and sets no standards is just that: pretty prose and nothing more.
SDDT 5/6/02 Traffic Olympics, Part 2: what's the opportunity?
We’re about to enter the Olympics of traffic congestion folks. You think you’ve got traffic now? You ain’t seen nothing yet!
SDDT 4/21/02 Merge Mash Madness, Part 1: The Mess
How will the construction of the new "bypass" lanes at the 5/805 merge impact already out-of-control traffic through the merge?
SDDT 2/6/02 Questioning Questions
You learn about people by the questions that they ask – how they are framed reveals much about the framer. This was brought into great focus recently during a presentation I was asked to give at a recent LEAD event.
SDDT 9/24/01 Public Education

Fifty years of lopsided spending [by SANDAG] on transportation has both failed to deliver reasonable traffic conditions and greatly contributed to the region's environmental degradation especially the fragmentation of open space and water pollution.

SDDT 9/10/01 Flat-Earth Thinking in Our Time

I'm fed up with big-airport boosterism. Study after study after study has piled up on putting a new international airport in the San Diego region. These studies provide easy targets for "Golden Fleece" awards from the San Diego County Taxpayer's Association.

SDDT 6/18/01 Pollitics Higher taxes or higher traffic? Which would you choose? The problem is, we are getting both.
SDDT 3/12/01 Great Streets What are the key issues in dealing with the impacts of growth on our local streets and intersections?
SDDT 10/23/00 Doable Dream When you think about public transportation, innovation is not one of the top ten words that will usually come to mind.
SDDT 9/5/00 Driving Technology Support Cleaner Cars for California (ZEV Program up for review)
SDDT 8/7/00 Biotech vs Biology? Sorrento Valley Rd /Torrey Pines State Reserve
SDDT 7/21/00 Process over performance Just part of why our transportation systems are uncompetitive.
SDDT 5/15/00 Blame Game Wetlands vs. Roads
SDDT 4/10/00 Smart growth showdown Assumption of Smart Growth
SDDT 3/27/00 Oil victims -- again Energy, transportation
SDDT 3/20/00 Rational choices Subsidizing "bad behavior"
SDDT 3/13/00 Putting up  What would a great transportation system be like?
SDDT 12/21/00 Blueprint for Los Angelization Transportation planning -- NOT
STTD 2/14/00 Clean Energy Quest Energy alternatives
SDDT 2/2/00 Uncommon sense Transportation + Politics = Traffic
SDDT 12/10/99  Motions of Compliance Congestion mismanagement
SDDDT 12/6/99 Congestion Politics Transportation planning -- BAD
SDDT 11/12/99 Road to ruin  Public weighs in on bad roads
SDDT 11/5/99 Evolving capitalism  Natural Capitalism: The Next Industrial Revolution
SDDT 10/20/99  Solving Sprawl How and why about sprawl
SDDT 10/18/99  What Fuels These Mortals Be Oil overdependence & fuel economy
SDDT 10/1/99  Ways to Go Solutions & the paradox of suto-mobility
SDDT 9/24/99 Remember Bliss  Designing for people, not cars
  EV Does It Electric cars -- the single biggest thing an individual can do
SDDT 7/19/99 More of the same  
SDDT 7/12/99 Clearing some air  
SDDT 4/3/99 Planning to fail Fees for smart growth
SDDT 3/8/99 Driving Evolution Green cars & trucks
SDDT 3/1/99 Growtesque Dysfunctional growth
SDDT 2/8/99 Lanes to nowhere Congestion & sprawl
SDDT 9/14/98 Sprawling America Suburban sprawl growth
SDDT 8/10/98 Trip to Tomorrowland Disneyland & trarnsportation planning
SDDT 8/3/98 Urban road warriors Cars & wealth
SDDT 7/27/98 Car Redux Growth & traffic
SDDT 7/13/98 Driving Taxes Vehicle licence fee cuts
SDDT 6/22/98 A Tale of Two Developments Growth & development
SDDT 5/15/98 Get out of gridlock Sharing the road
SDDT 4/3/98 Smart Taxes Tax pollution,reward enterprise
SDDT 2/9/98 Jolly Trolley Folly Transit effectiveness?
SDDT 2/2/98 Phase This, or Dumb or Dumber? SR-56 & growth