New Think: the cartoon

by Bob Ocegueda

[The San Diego Earth Times is pleased to welcome Bob Ocegueda, whose work appears below, as a new contributor to our pages. The following will let you get to know a little about Bob and his work. - ed.]

was born in San Francisco, in 1944. I've made a living doing technical illustration, computer animation and cartooning. I am VERY concerned with, what seems obvious to me, the global damage to the ecosystem.

I believe we are spiritual beings who temporarily inhabit these human body forms, and come back from time to time, according to some laws which we don't fully understand, and get to live in a world which is the result of our previous actions. This belief has brought me to realize that there is a "force" which is trying to guide us through this mess we have created and bring us back to where we came from.... But this is just my belief system.

What I want to do with my drawings is assist in the communication of the vital information that we need as a human community. I think that we have to keep trying to find all the different forms that can be used to make an impression on the people who are not yet aware of the peril we are facing. But I am also aware that scare tactics do not work, so we should have music concerts, dramatic plays, operas (rock and roll and otherwise), animation productions, computer games, educational contests, and whatever form may work, all promoting the solutions to our problems. Because the solutions are there, we just need to break through the natural inertia of the people doing things the way we've always have been doing them.

So I'm hoping that this series of cartoon stories will help in whatever small way and would like to hear from anyone that has some ideas of how to make them more effective and useful. Please feel free to contact me at or through SDET by mail.

Bob can be reached via email at:

"Since the advent of nuclear power everything has changed, except the way we think" - Albert Einstein

The Illegal Immigration Problem

The old way of thinking is to attack the problem directly, head-on... and what can be more direct, when trying to solve the illegal immigration problem, than to build a fence across the border to block the flow of this unwanted humanity?... Isn't there a better way?

For more information on the project, Hands Across the Border, or to lend assistance call CRANES (Citizens Responsible Action Network for Eco-nomic Sustainability) (619) 729-1482

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