Table of Contents

January cover: Grand Canyon


New and Renew

Living Environment

Creating and environmentally friendly home or office
Here are 20 tips, things you can do to "green up" your own personal environments.

Local Ecology

Streamlining or steamrolling?
You probably haven't heard of the Zoning Code Update ­ which is just the way the big-money development interests would like it. Under the guise of streamlining government operations, it threatens to eliminate local control of the planning and development process.
Delight in South Bay Wetlands
The Imperial Beach Bird Fest features walks, talks and field trips.
The 1997 Liberty Recycling calendar is here!

Health and Diet

The Green Restaurant Association

This 12-step program for restaurants looks to connect environmentally sensitive businesses and consumers.
Medicine: Ancient and modern systems converge
This month we look at the ancient Chinese and Indian systems, plus homeopathy and naturopathic medicine.

Observations from the Edge

Old dog, new stick
Our resident eco-radical finds some new inspiration in the face of endless, pointless consumerism.


New Think: the cartoon
A new look at the illegal immigration problem.

San Diego Earth Day kickoffs
A "happy hour" fund-raiser and the first volunteer meeting of the year happen this month.

January Organic gardening tips
Buying organically-grown cotton can make a big difference for the environment.