February 2001 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  In the dark
    No, we don't need more power plants. Western electric power producers have managed to withhold just enough power to make rates and their profits skyrocket.
  A bigger pollution problem than sewage spills?
    Erosion is a problematic fact of life in our heavily urbanized and overdeveloped environment.
  Housing our neighbors: Twelve ideas to correct the housing shortage
    A hundred years after you are buried, what will your legacy be? The old geezer who paid for grandkids' indulgences or a community builder?
  New Storm Water Program
  Redefining Community Conference focuses on neighborhood design, crime prevention and public health
    If we believe we must stop urban sprawl and advocate that new growth be concentrated in San Diego's older communities, we must listen to the concerns of the people who live there and make them part of the process.
  San Diego Bay Bird Festival February 7 - 14
National Issues
  Vehicle fuel economy at 20-year low
    The average fuel economy of new model year 2000 vehicles is 24.0 miles-per-gallon, as low as it has been since 1980.
  Judge approves settlement to protect endangered species from livestock
Global Ecology
  Ethics for survival
    Too often, science and money are used to trump our sense of values. If we are to prosper, our ethics and values must be integrated with our lifestyle.
  Sierra Club statement on "global gag rule"
    By damaging family planning groups overseas, President Bush is placing more pressure on our fragile environment.
  Nearly half the Amazon could be lost in the next 20 years
  Societal collapse driven by abrupt climate change
Pollution and Waste
  Dioxin is listed as "Known Human Carcinogen" in federal government report
  EPA to regulate air pollution from big ocean vessels
  EIA encourages consumers to reuse and recycle used electronics
Observations from the Edge
  Killing us Softly with Science
    Our resident eco-radical takes issue with monkeys that glow green and other biotech monstrosities.
San Diego EarthWorks
  Earth Day 2001: A Planet Worthy of Our Affection
    Volunteer for Earth Day and EarthFair in Balboa Park.