Carolyn Chase presented Spirit of San Diego award

ccording to Mayor Susan Golding, San Diego Earth Day founder and executive director Carolyn Chase has "The Spirit of San Diego." Carolyn was honored by the Mayor in her annual State of the City address in front of a SRO crowd at the Lyceum Theater in Horton Plaza.
The Spirit of San Diego awards were designed to recognize citizen leadership, participation and commitment to improving San Diego's quality of life. The ten-inch high, clear sculptures were given in the categories of: environment, humanitarianism, public safety, good Samaritan, urban design and local business leadership.
Quoting Mayor Golding: "Anything the government does successfully could not happen without the will, spirit, energy and commitment of the people of this city. In my inaugural address, I asked for your help. I asked for people of this city to come forward and evidence the spirit of San Diego to each other and take a personal responsibility for the problems that exist. Tonight, I will recognize some of the outstanding examples of that spirit - even though there are also many others who deserve to be mentioned.
"Carolyn Chase, the founder of San Diego Earth Day, has shown the spirit of San Diego by creating a celebration for the protection for our earth each year in Balboa Park. It is her vision and her commitment that we honor tonight. She has the spirit of San Diego."
Carolyn's reaction to the award was typically understated. "The award is really symbolic of the work of many hundreds - indeed thousands - of other citizens committed to a clean, healthy and prosperous environment and quality of life for our region. I am proud and happy to be able to provide leadership and to muster resources toward that end. I accept this award on behalf of everyone's efforts for Earth Day and the environment, each and every day."
Carolyn has donated more than 3,000 volunteer hours to managing local environmentally-oriented events, projects and volunteers. Her final remarks are typical of all successful community organizers: ". . . and remember, everyone can do something. You are all invited to our next volunteer introductory meeting. Call 496-6666 for the time, date and location."