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March cover: Vegetation map of San Diego County


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Local ecology

MSCP plans the future of conservation in San Diego
A little-known group of government and industry officials are making plans that may decide the fate of 100 endangered species and up to 200,000 acres of land in San Diego county.


The Big Squeeze
Everyone agrees that the earth can only support a limited number of humans. Is it possible to stop our global population explosion before we face environmental and human catastrophe?

Town meeting on UN population conference
Find out about - and provide your input - to the UN Cairo conference on population and development.


Global energy grid a salvation for developing countries
If all of the world's electrical generating capacity were tied into one global network, there would be plenty of cheap energy for the developing world - which might just make the difference between prosperity and misery. The technology is there, if world leaders can be enrolled in the vision.

Wildlife preservation

Living with mountain lions
There's lots of discussion about mountain lions: concern about their fate and paranoia about attacks. This report looks at some of the facts and studies about these cats, and may help to dispel some superstitions.

The bridge to nowhere
The Chula Vista Nature Interpretive Center is the serendipitous result of a pitched battle between the Sierra Club, Army Corps of Engineers and the Chula Vista Redevelopment Agency. Find out about this hidden jewel on the Chula Vista tidelands.


Llamas: not just another pretty face
These docile animals have been called "the pack animal of the '90s," and not just because they travel in packs. Raising them was just the ticket for the Mubarak family


Steel: America's most recycled resource

Attend the business recycling workshop
Informative how-to workshop for businesses

San Diego Earth Day

Carolyn Chase presented Spirit of San Diego Awqard
Presented by Mayor Susan Golding to recognize individual contribution to improving the quality of life in San Diego