March 2001 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
 Regional questions
  Regionalism might be an answer to many different questions and we should be very concerned about that.
 Sprawl imperils California species: Researchhas national implications
 Public asked for input in Cleveland National Forest Management Plan update
 California legislator Strom-Martin to push industrial hemp as legal cash crop
 Upstream US dams imperil downstream Mexican clams
Livable Communities
 General Plan 2020: Request for working models
National Issues
 Paving the planet: Cars and crops competing for land
 Research helps reduce pollution, urban sprawl
 Commerce Department finds record high number of US fish stocks in jeopardy
 Senator Boxer opposes oil drilling in the Artic Refuge
 Strong radiation protection standards essential for Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository
Global Ecology
 Restoration of tropical forests gets under way
 AAAS atlas shows human impact on environment
Marine Ecology
 Shellfish aquaculture can clean waterways
 Potentially harmful human viruses in coastal waters
Pollution and Waste
 Clean diesel power key to success of maritime industry
 DNA "Fingerprinting" traces water pollution sources
 Cleaner chip-making method uses carbon dioxide fluid
 Greener, cheaper semiconductor nanocrystals
San Diego EarthWorks
 Volunteer for EarthFair 2001
 In the California energy crisis, conservation is the obvious answer!
 Global survey finds wind energy's explosive expansion continuing
 Energy efficiency investments can help prevent continued electric system meltdown
 The Bush Administration's Energy Department transition team
 Purple grape juice: far greater antioxidant protection than orange juice
 Heart benefits from apples and juice
Observations from the Edge
 Diminishing Returns and the Crystal Clear Equation