March '99 Table of Contents

In This Issue
Local Ecology
  Lanes to nowhere
  People who want less traffic congestion want more roads which just leads to more traffic.
  At the crossroads
  Preserving our quality of life depends on changing the way we develop our communities. Can we do it?
  Kehoe leads California Coastal Commission in strengthening coastal program protections.
National Issues
  Federal government energy waste costs taxpayers $1 billion annually
  Is this another case of "do as we say, not as we do," or what?
  Ford's new gas-guzzling SUV wins the "Exxon Valdez" award from the Sierra Club
  Well deserved acknowledgment to a "rolling monument to environmental destruction."
  Road building moratorium falls short of safeguarding unprotected wilderness
  Major policy loopholes put some of our nation's last wild forests at risk.
  Car Talk
  Book review of The Green Guide to Cars and Trucks names best and worst of the 1999 crop.
Global Ecology
  Study of tropical forests overturns important theory in ecology
     Findings may cast doubt on some conservation methods.
  Coral bleaching and death could be early warning of environmental change
  Alien species cost U.S. $123 billion a year
  Some were brought in by accident and some on purpose, but they cost us, just the same.
In Your Garden
  The key to successful gardening... MULCH!
   A simple way to preserve water and improve soil quality.
  Personal pollution prevention
  A few tips on keeping your personal pollution personal.
Diet & Health
  Dioxins the view from Europe
  Remember the dioxin controversy? Political pressure has put a lid on US investigations, but the Europeans are still investigating this ubiquitous toxin.
  Greenpeace, Center For Food Safety and organic farmers sue EPA over gene-altered crops
  Incorporation of Bt genes in plants threatens a critical resource for organic farmers.
  Plug Power breaks new ground in automotive fuel cells
  One step closer to an affordable, practical, mass-produced electric car.
Observations from the Edge
  Fear and Loathing in Legoland
   Our resident eco-radical just can't wait for Legoland to open ... right.