April 2001 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
 Sea Whirled
  Sea World wants blanket permission to do just about anything they want, without review. Hopefully, the new city council will protect our interests better than the last did with the Chargers and Padres deals.
 Dangerous Currents
Follow Donna Frye as she fights for clean water.
 Julia Butterfly Hill at SDSU
 Solutions to sprawl: the limits to Smart Growth
 Good-Bye Habitat
Essay and cartoon by an 11-year-old San Diegan.
Buying recycled paper... something small with big implications
A look at a recycled paper purchasing co-op
Multiple Species Conservation Program
If San Diego is going to save any substantial part of its natural habitat, it will probably be the MSCP that helps do it.
San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy closes escrow on critical parcel
San Diego EarthWorks
 Earth Day 2001: A Planet Worthy of Our Affection
Mayor Dick Murphy to present awards at the 11th annual V.I.P. (Very Important Planet) Reception
Volunteering for EarthFair… is this Your Year?
Livable Communities
 TOAD: Transit Oriented And Desirable
“There are only two things Americans don’t like, density and sprawl.”– Rural Planner Randall Arendt   
Global Ecology
  Orangutan numbers plummeting worldwide
Species may vanish from the wild in ten years.
 2001 Honda Civic GX first to achieve newest emission control standards
 Governor and legislature called to implement immediate power solutions
Energy efficiency and renewable energy offer cheaper, faster and cleaner solutions
 Solar air heater replaces electric heater at Mammoth
Health & Diet
 Study ranks women’s reproductive health worldwide
United States ranks 15th among 25 low-risk countries; Africa’s women still most at risk
 EHC study reveals housing health horrors
Lead-SALTA Program works to address lead poisoning in local communities
 Omega Eggs – a healthier alternative
Omega Eggs look, taste, and cook like regular white eggs. It’s what’s inside that’s different.
Observations from the Edge
 Just another Manic Monday