May 2000 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  Wetlands restoration leads the way at Famosa Slough
    Completion of new ponds provides a model for Mission Bay habitat restoration.
  Two actions you can take to reduce Navy pollution
  Smart growth, regionalism and equity: what is the nexus?
    Special presentation by Norman Krumholtz on May 16.
  San Diego Regional Energy Office announces Energy Leadershi[p Awards
National Issues
  Environmental poll compares attitudes of boomers & internet generation
    Two generations, separated by decades, share may opinions and priorities.
  Nation's top home-builders vow to end endangered wood use
    Huge win for environmentalists as pressure brings a dramatic turnabout.
  Detroit automakers worst in first pollution ranking
Global Ecology
  Loss in biodiversity by year 2100 could be consequence of global change
    Land-use changes are more significant than climate change for loss of biodiversity.
  New research on long-term ocean cycles reveals rapid global warming in new future
    Scripps scientists discover an 1,800-year tidal cycle.
  World energy demand continues rapid growth in this year's "International Energy Outlook"
  US solar manufacturer teams with energy service company to help San Diegans cash-in on incentives
  Sludge Power
    Scientists trick microbes into generating usable electricity.
  "Biodiesel" fuel could reduce truck pollution
  Solving the transportation problem in San Diego
    It you want real alternatives to our ever-worstening traffic congestion, it's going to cost.
  Traffic congestion driven by sprawl
Diet & Health
  New health research 'vindicates' EPA; soot particles are deadly, Lung Association notes
  Millions of American children and teens affected by lead exposure
    Low levels of lead previously thought safe prove to be dangerous.
  Common pesticide product reduces testosterone; possibly contributory factor to male infertility
  Walking trails boost exercise, improve health at low cost
In Your Garden
  Trees: Why it's really, really smart to plant some in your garden
Observations from the Edge
  G is for Green