May '99 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
City of San Diego plans road construction in 37 open-space canyons
    Your help is needed to help preserve our urban canyons.
   California ordered to adopt methyl bromide regulations
  Courts mandate this long-needed protection.
National Issues
  Capitalism Goes Green?
  Common-sense eco-fixes in the economic toolbox.
  Study shoes capacity fails to ease congestion
  Counterintuitive but true: new roads = more traffic = more congestion.
  Green advertising claims to heal or deceive?
  You've learned to read product labels carefully but what do they really mean?
Global Ecology
  Global warming: the scientific evidence
  All the signs point in the same direction.
  Rising mortality joins falling fertility to slow population growth
  Well-known but chronically ignored problems are decreasing life expectancy.
  In logged forests, hunting of wildlife becomesdeadly "second harvest"
  World may be on edge of environmental revolution
  A global environmental revolution could lead to an environmentally driven restructuring of the global economy.
In Your Garden
  Is your rose garden ready for this season?
  Simple steps to ideal soil conditioning for roses.
Diet & Health
  A little volunteering can prolong your life
  A new study documents the link between moderate levels of volunteer activity and increased survival.
  Blue-green algae has dual cholesterol lowering abilities
  Caltrans' excessive herbicide use on California roads
  Excessive as in, five gallons and two pounds of weed killer per mile, times 64,000 miles of road.
  Wildlife Fund wants world DDT ban
  You may have thought that DDT was a thing of the past, It isn't ... yet.
  New Energy for a New Era
  What the world needs is an energy revolution.
  Home energy treasure hunt
  Southern States Power enters stationary fuel cell markets
  Researchers making methane more marketable
Observations from the Edge
  If it Bleeds it Leads
  Our resident eco-radical ponders Littleton and Earth Day.