The Green Cross of Eco-morality

by Minister Masada

ess than 200 years ago, the west was considered the new frontier. Books and movies are still being written on how the West was "won." However, looking at the West, from the sacking of the salmon in the northern territories to the second massive die off of the birds at Salton Sea in the south, can anyone truthfully and honestly say the West was won?

In addition, was the sacrilegious subversion of the Native Americans as caretakers of the environment something to be seen as a "battle won?" If the despoliation and desanctification of the natural environment of the West is an indication of "winning," how will we define losing? Further, after the catastrophic ecological damage done to the landscape during the Persian Gulf war, eco-imperialist forces had the audacity to say they "won." What insidious fallacies.

The crucifixion of Mother Nature

Clearly, there must be a new consensus of eco-morality by those with absolute power. With an evangelical fire in our veins, we must summon the courage to call these men to AN INTELLECTUAL REPENTANCE OF THE COSMIC SIGNIFICANCE OF THEIR ACTIONS.

Tracy Chapman sings in her songs about the need to create new signs, new symbols, and even a new language. As we move into the new millennium, her songs about the rape of the world should be played by every environmentalist and radio station on this planet.

In taking my sister Tracy's suggestion, I'd like to ask artists and sculptors to depict a woman symbolizing Mother Nature in full garment, crucified on a green cross. The image must appeal to women of all races, and must be all green to prevent racial imperialist forces from subverting the dignity of eco-conscious, multiracial networking. Hopefully, this crucifixion will bring about a BIO-SPHERIC RESURRECTION.

When there is true sacred sisterhood among women, the gates of heaven will open up on earth. Any man who wants to enter paradise on earth must pick up his cross his green cross that is and follow us, before any more battles are "won." Or any more frontiers are lost.

Minister Masada is a researcher and the author. She has been a regular weekly columnist for numerous local and out-of-state publications and has lectured at UCSD and SDSU. She has been an organizer of support groups for abused mothers and helped establish Battered Woman's Syndrome as a recognized point in Federal courts. Currently, she is Chairwoman of the Sisterhood of the Daughters of Zion, a mother's advocate group