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From the Publishers

Political Impotence

Ecology and the Economy

The economic value of wetlands and open spaces
Read this article, and then try and figure out why our City Fathers (or is it, Mothers) aren't protecting your valuable resources.
The value of the world's ecosystem services
If you had to pay for the services you get "for free" from the environment, what would it cost? How about $30 trillion or so?

Solar Energy

Local solar: today's sustainable energy
Playing with solar energy can get you in hot water... with luck.
Creating a solar home or apartment
The author's apartment doesn't require any fossil fuel-based heating or cooling. Maybe he knows something...


A gentle place
Visit Environgentle in Encinitas, one of the first Green stores.


The Ten Commandments of Eco-Tourism
How to treat your destination so it stays a great place to vacation.
Vacations with connections
Two exotic destinations with a special significance.

Health and Diet

Naturopathy: healing with nature's medicine
Treat the cause and not the symptom. What a radical idea.
Beautiful food
Review of Kemo Sabe in Hillcrest

In Your Garden!

The good, the bad and the bugly
If you are going to have an organic garden, you're going to have to deal with bugs. Just don't mash the good ones.

Book Review

Lessons on life

Observations from the Edge

The Green Cross of Eco-morality
Goddess save the queen


New Think: the cartoon
June calendar of Earth-Friendly Events