July 2000 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  Market Failure
    Affordable housing is a euphemistic term for a less politically correct situation.
  Creating the future of Anza-Borrego State Park
    A first-hand account of the June 20th General Plan Scoping Meeting, plus background on the process.
  Growth: who wants it?
    The General Plan for the City of San Diego will play a big part in determining how the city grows over the next 20 years and an update is in progress.
  Ireland: A San Diego traffic solution?
    If we keep going the way we are headed, Los Angeles residents may end up saying, "We don't want to be like San Diego!"
  California Attorney General supports SOFAR lawsuit against the County
    The county continues to ignore the court's rulings on back-country development, and SOFAR is calling them to task.
National Issues
  Environmental regulations don't drive up home prices
    Now that control of point-source pollution is headed in the right direction, the next target is non-point sources like our leaky sewer system.

New EPA water quality regulations

     A new EPA plan to fight water pollution is focused on the right goals, but it will present difficult scientific and technical challenges for states to wrestle with.
Global Ecology
  Population growth sentencing millions to hydrological poverty
    Water shortage is a worldwide problem, and water wars will eclipse oil wars as a global problem.
  New satellite data to assess role clouds play in climate change
    Current fishing practices spell doom for the world's largest turtle.
  Pacific leatherback turtles face extinction
    Drexel Professor James Spotila and team spearhead 12-year study detailed in the journal Nature.
Toxics and Pollution
  Cleaning up petroleum spills with plants
    A husband-and-wife team have developed this practical, environmentally benign technology.
  US carbon dioxide emissions -- 1999
Diet & Health
  In-home pesticide exposure increases Parkinson's risk
    Read this before you pull the trigger on that can of bug spray.
  How to fight fast food? With slow food, of course
  Vitamins C and E: protection against mental decline
    These common vitamins can help prevent dementia.
  Apple phytochemicals fight cancer
  Guidelines issued on risk of driving with Alzheimer's
In Your Garden
  It's Summertime in the Garden, How's yours Look?
Observations from the Edge
  "N" is for NOMP
    Our resident eco-radical comes up with a new acronym: Not On My Planet!