August 2002 Table of Contents
Local Ecology
  Housing Hysteria
    Inclusionary housing, as passed by the San Diego City Council, will increase housing costs without any guarantee that a single unit will be built.
  Help preserve Bernardo Mountain
    Act before September 1 to help preserve our disappearing natural heritage
  Governor Davis signs groundbreaking bill to reduce auto-related global warming pollution
  Calculate your landscape's water needs
  City expands hotline for easy access to environmental issues
  Public meetings set for California Coastal National Monument
National Issues
  "Pay as You Throw" programs reduce waste by 17 percent
    Variable-rate programs provide effective alternative to recycling-only plans.
  New study links auto use to neighborhood design
    Authors say research proves for the first time that smart growth works.
  100 years later, US Reclamation Bureau stuck In 19th century
    New alliance wants reforms to prevent conflicts like Klamath water wars.
  State Attorneys General letter to President Bush
  Landmark conservation deal adds 38,000 acres to North Carolina open space
Global Ecology
  Greenland ice sheet flows faster during summer melting
  Warmer world will be a sicker world, say scientists
    Rising tide of wildlife epidemics linked to climate change; disease outbreaks have ecologists and epidemiologists on alert.
  Restructuring taxes to protect the environment
  Mayor puts power back in to grid
    Unveils energy self-sufficient homes
  Silicon Valley sets illuminating example of energy efficiency
    How LEDs make an energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional lighting.
  Environmental Defense "Driving Clean" Campaign fights automakers' deceptions
    Campaign will defend California's victory and take the battle nationwide.
  Small car models rank among safest vehicles
    Study reveals threat large vehicles pose to their drivers and others.
  General Motors is global warmer number one
    New report measures US automakers' corporate culpabilities for global warming pollution.
Marine Ecology
  House votes to protect California coast from offshore drilling
  Pacific rockfish closures tough, but much-needed
  House committee votes to rollback fish conservation laws
Diet & Health
  Particulate air pollution and health: the facts
Observations from the Edge
  Habits, habitat, and the sum of us