The top ten ways to cool the planet while you're traveling

... and having fun (by planting trees)

provided by ECO-Tourist Journal and the Global Cooling Action Center
ad News: Burning fossil fuels like natural gas and gasoline releases carbon dioxide, which causes Global Warming. The carbon dioxide traps solar energy, thanks to the "greenhouse effect," which could cause the sea level to rise as much as 3 feet in the next century.
Good News: We can absorb the carbon dioxide that we create by planting trees in tropical countries (where the temperature stays above 65 degrees F). One fast-growing Leucaena tree can store 50 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, about one ton in 40 years.
Here's the number of Leucaena trees you need to sponsor to enjoy guilt-free travel:

10. Motorcycle
After every 20,000 miles of riding a motorcycle, plant five trees (one tree every 4,000 miles, assuming 40 miles per gallon).

9. Jet Ski
After every 100 hours of riding a jet ski, plant 2 trees (one tree every 50 hours of using a jet ski, assuming gasoline consumption of 2 gallons per hour).

8. Pleasure/Fishing Boat
After a weekend of fishing in a pleasure boat, plant one tree (one tree every 10 hours of running a typical fishing boat, assuming 10 gallons per running hour, 5 hours per day, two days per weekend, 26-foot boat, 250-gallon onboard tank).

7. Cruise Ship
After a seven-day cruise, plant 1.5 trees (one tree every 4.5 days at sea, assuming consumption of 120 gallons per passenger, generating roughly 1.56 tons of carbon dioxide per passenger). Based on data supplied by Princess Cruises, 585 tons of fuel for a 7-day cruise carrying 1500 passengers. Assumptions: residual fuel, weighing 6.5 pounds per gallon, emits 26 pounds of CO2 per gallon.)

6. Airplane
After every 20,000 miles of flying, plant five trees (one tree every 4,000 miles). Based on data supplied by Lufthansa: 121,000 pounds of fuel for a journey of 7,500 km. According to Daniel Lashof, Natural Resources Defense Council, fuel burned by airplanes puts nitrogen oxide and water vapor at 30,000 feet. These two additional greenhouse gases together give as much as twice the global warming effect as the carbon dioxide released by the airplane. For true global cooling flight, three trees every 4,000 miles need to be planted: one tree offsets the carbon dioxide emitted by the airplane over 4,000 miles, and two more trees offset the greenhouse effect caused by the nitrogen oxide and water vapor.

5. Gasoline
The typical car goes 10,000 miles at 20 mpg, using 500 gallons per year. Plant one tree every 100 gallons or 370 liters (a gallon of gasoline turns into 20 pounds of CO2).

4. Paper
Plant 3 trees to offset the 613 pounds of paper one person uses in a typical year. Remember those maps, brochures and flyers that you collected while on vacation? Plant some trees and stop feeling guilty about all the trees that died to distribute that information!

3. Photocopying
After every 20,000 photocopies, plant a tree (one tree every 22,000 sheets of paper or 44 reams). You can travel guilt-free, knowing that the postcards, photos and the newsletter that you'll send out at the end of your trip will be "global cooling."

2. Electricity
After every 10,000 kilowatt-hours, plant 10 trees (one tree every 1000 kilowatt-hours). We use electricity everywhere, so use it without guilt by planting trees!

1. Automobile
A one-time purchase of 200 trees will absorb 5 tons of carbon dioxide each year for the next 40 years, the amount of CO2 emitted by the typical car getting 25 miles per gallon. For a car getting 15 mpg, you should plant 320 trees.
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