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August cover: American bald eagle


Welcome Republicans


San Diego! Are we serious about recycling?
Is there a future for city-wide curbside recycling?

Marine Ecology

America's Finest City has America's most polluted beaches
New study lists 338 closings and advisorys in 1995.

10 Simple things individuals can do to help improve beachwater quality

6th Annual Paddle for Clean Water
Surfrider Foundation event set for August 10.


Green elephants take on Greenscammers
Republicans for Environmental Protection take on GOP leaders.

The public at the Republican National Convention
The interesting stories will probably be outside the convention center.

Transportation Alternatives

San Diego in motion
Alternatives to our "one person, one car" lifestyle.

Kick the gasoline habit
Electric vehicles can be a practical reality - if California lawmakers hold the line.

Retrofit program to cut old car emissions by 60 percent
New technology offers a clean life for old polluters.


Eco-tourism - traveling for yourself and future generations
Have a great vacation while contributing to the environment.

So... you want to experience a tropical rain forest?
A few popular destinations for the eco-tourist.

Saving sea turtles on the Sea of Cortez
If you like hands-on biology and species preservation, this trip is for you!

Air travel: eco-tourism's hidden pollution
How can you mitigate all that jet fuel pollution in the atmosphere? Plant trees.

The top ten ways to cool the planet while you're traveling
Planting trees can eliminate the polluting effect of everything from photocopying to jet skiing.

San Diego Earth Day

Here's what's growing on
Harvest EarthFair set for September 14 in Vista.

Observations from the edge

"X" is for Xenophobe
Our eco-radical is concerned about our constant exposure to chlorine