The public at the Republican National Convention

by Aurie Kryzuda
The RNC, aside from extensive City-support, is after all, a private event. The public has a small role if any, in party conventions. But because the Republicans have so much power, and the media gives them so much attention, the public wants to engage.
Following the disappointing city shenanigans related to public calls to participate at the RNC site, a schedule has been issued for the finally-officially-sanctioned "protest" site across Harbor Drive from the convention center.
Given that the outcome of the proceedings inside the Convention is generally known in advance, the most interesting stories will probably be taking place here. Sad to say, we can't expect much time if any to be spent addressing environmental and sustainability issues inside the convention by the current GOP organization.
The small number of groups able to get an official slot are listed on the right. Note that the police department has stated that, aside from this official list of groups who being provided a public mike and place, there is no law restricting individuals from expressing their freedom of speech for or against the RNC as long as they conduct themselves in a peaceful and safe manner.
The GOP Convention Page on the Internet is located at:

Finally, on August 18th you can attend a "Cleansing of the Convention Center." In an effort to get closure on the Convention experience, join us for a traditional cleansing. Bring sage, bowl with screen cover for sage burning, rhythm instruments, a sense of humor, a sense of hope, a peace-loving attitude and a sense of community. 7pm in front of Convention Center. For more information, please call The Big Kitchen, 234-5789.

Official Protest Schedule
Republican National Convention

Sunday, Aug. 11
7:00-7:55am     San Diegans for Honest Government
8:10-9:05am     Emperor
9:20-10:15am    Cowles Mountain Democratic Club
10:30-11:25am   East County Democratic Club
11:40-12:35pm   National Association of Social Workers
12:50-1:45pm    Green Party Council
2:00-2:55pm     Kenneth Lee Erickson
3:10-4:05pm     Amnesty International
4:20-5:15pm     Coalition Against Drugs
5:30-6:25pm     Students Against Dole Increasing School Tuition
6:40-7:35pm     Equal Justice Under the Law
7:50-8:45pm     San Diego Animal Advocates
9:00-9:55pm     Global Energy Network Int.
Monday, Aug. 12
7 a.m.-7:55am   Computer Democratic Club of San Diego
8:10-9:05am     Valley-Grove Democrats
9:20-10:15am    Coalition for Jewish Concerns
10:30-11:25am   Young Socialists
11:40-12:35pm   Heritage Preservation Association
12:50-1:45pm    Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
2:00-2:55pm     50 Black Men
3:10-4:05pm     Handgun Control Inc.
4:20-5:15pm     American Lung Association
5:30-6:25pm     Coalition for Social & Economic Justice
6:40-7:35pm     LGBT Voices '96
7:50-8:45pm     Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays
9:00-9:55pm     LGBT Voices '96.
Tuesday, Aug. 13
7 -7:55am       Mesa Democratic Club
8:10-9:05am     La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club
9:20-10:15am    Filipino-American Republicans of San Diego County
10:30-11:25am   Farm Bureau of San Diego County
11:40-12:35pm   Republicans for Environmental Protection
12:50-1:45pm    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Student Union
2:00-2:55pm     KAPOW
3:10-4:05pm     KNOAH's Arc
4:20-5:15pm     Chicano Federation of San Diego County
5:30-6:25pm     Carpenter's Local 547
6:40-7:35pm     HACES Hermanos en Accion
7:50-8:45pm     Queer Policy Institute
9:00-9:55pm     Stage Left Political Comic-Tary.
Wednesday, Aug. 14
7:00-7:55am     Jewish Democrats of San Diego
8:10-9:05am     New Democrats for California
9:20-10:15am    Tom Saul
10:30-11:25am   Heilman-C Art
11:40-12:35pm   Voice for Citizens Together
12:50-1:45pm    Point Loma Democratic Club
2:00-2:55pm     Disabled Democratic Club
3:10-4:05pm     Musicians of San Diego Symphony
4:20-5:15pm     San Diego Imperial County Labor Council
5:30-6:25pm     N.O.W. - San Diego Chapter
6:40-7:35pm     American Postal Worker Union
7:50-8:45pm     Side Street Projects
9:00-9:55pm     HEAL San Diego.
Thursday, Aug. 15
7:00-7:55am     77th Assembly District San Diego Democratic Party
8:10-9:05am     San Diego County Young Democratic
9:20-10:15am    United Front for Liberation of Vietnam San Diego Chapter
10:30-11:25am   Coalitions Cuban Vietnam American and Others
11:40-12:35pm   AIDS Foundation San Diego
12:50-1:45pm    Americans for Moderation
2:00-2:55pm     Citizens Opposing the Republican Party
3:10-4:05pm     Log Cabin Club-San Diego
4:20-5:15pm     Asian & Pacific Islanders Student Alliance
6:40-7:35pm     Voices for Justice
7:50-8:45pm     Gay & Lesbian Latinos Con Orgullo
9-9:55pm        Educational Democratic Club.