September '98 - In This Issue

Local Ecology

Cultural Evolution: Stop AND Build
Preservation of the environmental has often meant stopping destructive developments. Now is the time to start creating developments that work for the environment and people.
Anza-Borrego park acquires wetland
Successful completion of a 5-year process.
Rural Heritage Ballot Prop. volunteers needed
Now the Rural Heritage and Watershed Initiative is on the ballot, help is needed to get the word out to San Diegans and counteract the heavy money lined up against it.


National Issues

The heat is on: global warming could mean many more days over 90, 95 and 100°F for the USA
Global warming come home with real numerical predictions.
An environmental journalist's personal account of poop, pollution, vegetarianism, Earth Day, the environmental movement, and the threads that connect them.
Study suggests weekly hurricane and rainfall patterns are linked to East Coast pollution
Solid evidence that man-made pollution effects weather patterns.
Should the US Forest Service continue to sell timber from our National Forests?
Results of a survey show public opinion at odds with government policy.
US oil companies continue to avoid MMT
Dangerous gas additive is only in .02% of domestic fuel.


Global Ecology

First-ever estimate of total bacteria on earth
There's more of them than ever suspected. Taken together, terrestrial bacteria would weigh about the same as the UK.
Gritty research leads scientists to metal-loving discovery
New process for cleaning up contaminated water and soil.



Yeast rises to a new occasion
Boiengineered bacteria turn organic waste to clean fuel.


In Your Garden

Exotic fruit care... naturally
Just in time for their summer feeding.


Diet & Health

Commercial fish OK, despite low levels of mercury
New study suggests no measurable impact from low levels.

Sunlight poses universal cataract risk

CRN publishes reference on evaluating botanicals

New reference aids understanding and appreciation.
What toxic pesticides are used near yourkid's's school?
Comprehensive information available on the Web.


Observations from the Edge

Paving Paradise
A look at very un-public transit by our roads scholar.