November 2000 Table of Contents

Election 2000
  Divided We Vote -- It's a Tie!
    To some degree, only by coming together and uniting can you share the rewards of consolidated power.
  Election 2000 How'd we do?
    We review which of the SDET picks won and which lost.
Local Ecology
  San Diego Bay Council names Clean Water Leaders, Losers
  San Diego BayKeeper and Surfrider Foundation threaten sewage lawsuit
    Groups put the City of San Diego on notice that they intend to hold it responsible for 5 years of Clean Water Act violations.
  "Mother Nature" is unhappy with San Diego River Valley preserve
    Robert LaRosa dares to suggest that Mission Valley could be better used than just a site for shopping centers.
  BLM withdraws Indian Pass to protect sacred sites
  New pedestrian advocacy group presents San Diego's "terrible ten" dangerous intersections
Livable Communities
  San Diego's best kept secret
    The convenience - and charm - of the Coaster are not lost on Gary Piro.
Global Ecology
  "Defying Nature's End: A Practical Agenda for Saving Life on the Planet"
    A group of 30 scientists was given the assignment of devising a practical blueprint for addressing the planet's immediate conservation needs. This article describes their findings.
  Of whales and humans
    A well-credentialed radical environmental activist addresses tough issues that will ultimately determine the balance of nature on the planet us included. His contentions and conclusions - although outrageous to some - are hard to argue away.
  Needed: two more planets
  Transfer of microorganism facilitated by ballast water
  Climate change has world skating on thin ice
Diet & Health
  Study shows air pollution slows lung function growth in children
In Your Garden
  Cool season gardening in containers
Observations from the Edge
  "X" is for Xeriscape
    Why waste water on exotic plants? What could be more appropriate for native conditions than native plants?