SDET November '97 Table of Contents


A Code without a Plan

Local Ecology

Last call of the wild

In man vs. nature, we both lose.

Improving San Diego's Habitat Plan

A new lawsuit against the U.S. Fish &WIldlife Service is intended to strengthen species protection and chances for recovery.

"What's going on?" I'm a little confused, are you?

With all the furor over sports teams and stadia, it's an odd fact that eco-tourism could be more economically beneficial to San Diego.

The biggest story of all

Polls indicate a rise in spirituality and a corresponding move away from consumptive lifestyles.

Marine Ecology

Community activists call for enforcement of clean water act and action on polluted runoff

The original Clean Water Act goal was zero pollutant discharges in navigable waters by 1985. We're still waiting...

Health and Diet

St. John's wort: answer to depression and other problems

This indigenous herb provides a panoply of medical benefits.

Green Restaurant Review: Pasta Espresso

About sprouts and enzymes...

It's hard to believe the inoffensive little sprout packs so much nutrition.

In your garden

Fall in the roses

Putting your roses to bed right ensures spring glory.

San Diego Earth Day

Restore San Diego

Join the third annual restoration project at 5 sites in the county.


November Earth-friendly events

Observations from the edge

Earth: the bride of creation

A call for a pre-nuptial agreement between the earth and man.

Sparing the child

"Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it." Oh, if that were only true.