November '99 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  Sign of new times
    Wait 'till you read what the Missions Valley car dealers want the City of San Diego to do for them.
  Seven Wonders: Everyday Things for a Healthier Planet
    Simple things that can make life better for all.
  County Supervisors Pam Slater and Dianne Jacob honored for environmental achievement
    Some of the folks in local government ARE looking out for our interests.
National Issues
  Dealing with smog
    The Clean Smokestack Act may bring some relief to some of the 53,000 hospitalized each summer by air pollution.
  Some candle wicks emit potentially dangerous levels of lead into the air
    Be careful when you're putting together that Y2K emergency kit!
Global Ecology
  "I'm melting!"
    If the Antarctic ice sheet goes, the sea level will rise 15 - 20 feet. Bye bye, Mission Beach.
  Leaky ducts can cost big bucks
    Are you heating and cooling your attic or under-house crawl spaces? Are you sure?
  Landscaping -- the natural way to save energy
    Your yard plantings can do more that just look good -- they can save you money year-round.
  Kitchen tips for an energy-wise Thanksgiving
  Light-duty automotive technology and fuel economy trends through 1999
    The data is in and it doesn't look encouraging.
  Thermoelectric cooling devices
    Electronic devices that cool with no moving parts.
  Agreement calls for energy efficient fluorescent lights
    The DOE and manufacturers have agreed to new efficiency standards. Imagine!
  Pedal power probe shows bicycles waste little energy
    Find out what does and does not make a difference in bicycle efficiency.
In Your Garden
  Great pumpkins and the coming of winter
    It's about time to start dropping "hints" about what you'd like this holiday season.
Diet & Health
  Health risks from PVC plastic
  Make your next meal reflect the latest science
    Are YOU eating your vegetables?
  Green tea helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis
  Plastic chemicals could be cause of reproductive weight problems
Observations from the Edge
  Alternatives to overpopulation
    Our lifestyle is going to change -- one way or another.