Guest editorial

The time has come

an Diegans have enjoyed reading local periodicals continuously for more than 125 years, longer than any populated area south of the Tehachapi mountain range, but, until today, there has been a void in editorial coverage.
No one has given the environment any more than lip service.
Earth Times, in this debut edition, plans to rectify that problem by concentrating on what "progress" has done to the area surrounding "America's finest city," then focusing on what is being done and what still must be accomplished to preserve the clean air, water, landscape, wildlife and horticultural gems that lured settlers here permanently more than 200 years ago.
True, individual voices have been raised in protest of development of lands vital to the preservation of wildlife, and government agencies fight to restore the purity of an atmosphere saturated by automobile exhausts which introduced the word "smog" into the lexicon of even the kindergarten pupil.
But until today, there has not been a publication solely dedicated to the protection of the little part of the world in which we live as nature would have us enjoy it.
Blessed with some of the finest research facilities in the world, hardly a week goes by that our scientists fail to come up with the results of studies which pinpoint another peril to health that has been an accepted part of our lifestyle for centuries.
The food we eat, the water we drink, the plants, trees and terrain we destroy, our social habits of smoking and alcoholic consumption-the list is endless-all embody calculated risks to our health and that of our neighbors, our life span and the heritage we pass on to our children and their children's children.
Yet many of us gambol blithely along life's primrose path, giving little thought to whether the world we entered is as healthy and vigorous as the one we will leave behind when our journey is ended.
Earth Times is dedicated to the preservation of the blissful life we all would like to enjoy and pass on to our successors.
This first issue of our publication breaks ground in one unfurrowed field of San Diego journalism. The seeds we sow today are intended to yield the fruits and flowers of environmental consciousness, the roots of which must come from our readers. Your input, based upon your observations and experiences, not only are welcome, they are sought by those of us dedicated to exposing the haphazard practices that imperil the habitat we call home.
We invite you to participate in this step toward our goal of preserving the blessings of nature we now enjoy, and to contribute a share in this effort to make the good life even better. Your comments concerning this first issue will strengthen the foundation of Earth Times and help guide us toward our goal of total awareness of the need to create a sanctuary for our natural resources.
We want, need and welcome your support. Let us know what you think of our first edition. Your response is essential as we strive to touch on all the issues revolving within the spectrum of environmental concern.
Thank you.