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March cover: Sumatran tiger mother and cub


The time has come

Wildlife preservation

Extinction . . . made in Taiwan
Follow the trade in endangered species, and chances are you'll end up in
Taiwan. For tigers, rhinos and a host of other species, Taiwan is the last
stop on the road to extinction.


Loren Nancarrow
He's on TV every week reporting about our environment ... but how does his
public beat show up in his home life? Meet the private individual behind the
public figure.


Are green markets an alternative to pollution laws
We all can see how effective pollution laws have been at creating a clean,
healthy environment - NOT! So how could selling permits to pollute be more effective? Read this provocative article about a truly effective alternative to standard regulatory mechanisms.


Root's Gallery turns the old into new
David Root creates new works of art from discarded objects. His unique
business combines an art gallery, hair salon and floral shop.

Oceanographer works for scale
Dr. Tim Baumgartner finds his niche working south of the border. His studies of mid-ocean sardines are leading to better management of our marine resources.


MAD ... about plastic?
So you've decided to start recycling: newspaper in this box, cans in the
'ant-proof' plastic bag, mixed paper over there, glass in the big can, and the
plastics ... what about the plastics?

Gray water in your future
Recycling "gray water" has already generated big savings for commercial irrigation. Recycling waste water in your home could bring big savings for
you - if it were only legal!

Holidays are the time to reduce, reuse and recycle
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the modern mantra of the environmentally
conscious consumer. Here are some simple things you can do to make your holidays ecologically sound.


The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth
Would you like to stop putting poison in your mouth? Bio-compatible dentistry offers practical, affordable alternatives to mercury amalgum fillings.


Electric bus marks new smog-free era
The fuel cell is a completely clean source of electric power. The commercial realization of this decades-old technology promises truly nonpolluting transit.