Gelder goes gold: special CD to benefit SDED

n addition to a busy radio schedule, KUPR' 95.7 DJ Jeff Gelder can be found hosting the SUN Stage each year at the EarthFair in Balboa Park. This year, he has taken his committment to a new level by providing an awesome compact disc whose sales will benefit San Diego Earth Day. "When it comes to the planet we can all make a difference!" affirms Jeff.
The Collector's Edition - Volume 1 CD can be found at any of the Wherehouse stores in the county. Each of the artists has generously donated the use of their songs to help raise funds for San Diego Earth Day. With cuts from R.E.M., Sting, Dire Straits, Gin Blossoms and Natalie Merchant, this is a perfect gift that gives twice - once when your friend gets a great collection and once when the cash comes back to SDED.
The R.E.M track, "Tongue", is a previously unreleased concert recording from their historic "Monster" tour of 1995. Sting's release, "This Cowboy Song," was previously only available on a "Best of Sting" album 1984-1994. Dire Straits' "Twisting By The Pool" is a hard-to-find original party version which was only available as a single from 1983.
Other artists/songs include: "Cry Love" by John Hiatt, "Kiss This Thing Goodbye" by Del Amitri, "Screaming John" by Sonia Dada, "Found Out About You" by Gin Blossoms, "Carnival" by Natalie Merchant, "Welcome To The Boomtown" by David & David, "Sweet Louisiana Sound" by Billy Pilgrim, "Waitress" by Freddy Jones Band, and "Poor Miss" by Big Head Todd & The Monsters.
Each week, you can find Jeff on-air at "Gelder's Global Gig... Music for the Planet" where the "message is in the music." This highly acclaimed, hour-long environmental education radio program features a variety of timely eco-topics, interesting guests and great music. Each Sunday from 7 to 8 am on KUPR 95.7, this upbeat program broadcasts a medley of socially and environmentally conscious songs by artists from around the world. This show helps to educate the community by uplifting and entertaining while raising awareness, instilling hope, and inspiring positive change in order to make this a better world now and for the future generations to come.
San Diego Earth Day would like to extend their thanks to Jeff Gelder, KUPR 95.7, and the Wherehouse - in addition to those of you that buy the CD.