December '98 Contents

  Local Ecology

  Environmental community releases water "blueprint" for California
   Dialogue on meeting our water needs without dams begins and the public will have to take part or we will get stuck with the bill
  Environmental Services asks residents to reduce holiday waste
  Give a gift to the environment as well as your friends and loved ones.

  National Issues

  Fueling the chain saws: how Home Depot supports old growth forest destruction
  Huge lumber retailer stalls on its promise to stop selling old growth wood.
  UPS & Alliance for Environmental Innovation deliver greener packaging
  Joint initiative cuts pollution and boosts bottom line.
  Sierra Club calls pork bailout a classic case of corporate welfare
  US Government gives millions of tax dollars to agribusiness giants. Again.

  Global Ecology

  Sustainable development
   Wanted and needed a new kind of capitalism.
  The next industrial revolution
  A few corporations are starting to take sustainability seriously, realizing that what's good for the environment can be very profitable as well. But even with the best of intentions, zero waste is a daunting goal.

  Diet & Health

  New $500 million chemical testing program
  First ever study of toxic effects of the 3,000 most widely produced chemicals.
  Cat's claw effective anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant
  Albany Medical College researchers find surprisingly effective benefits from this traditional herbal treatment.
  EHC report finds children are at risk
  Children in San Diego's most polluted communities suffer serious respiratory ailments; community calls for air pollution monitoring to protect public health.
  So many people, so little room
  Out resident eco-radical puzzles over the population problem not that everyone thinks that it is a problem.