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SDDT 4/03 Here at Home
To the extent that wars can be noble, in terms of lofty goals, the Iraq war qualifies. It is also racked up its long list of pain and horrors, following up the initial shock and awe.
SDDT 3/3/03 Operation End Extremism
… That's what we really need right now: a movement to end extremism. Let's go see what this is about. The moment of hope began to fade when I tuned into the fact that it was a Senate Committee. Environment and Public works – an odd place to go after extremism, I think. But wait. It turns out the extremism they mean are environmental protections. The extremists they mean, it seems, include me.
SDDT 2/17/03 Great cities, great planning... and San Diego
The following are comments presented to the Land Use and Housing Committee on February 12, 2003, concerning General Plan Update Work program for the Planning Department. The group's purpose is to update the General Plan and Community Plans to become consistent with the Strategic Framework Element, aka “City of Villages.”
SDDT 11/02 Balancing Progress With Preservation
The following is a condensed version of remarks from a speech I made to a San Diego Chamber of Commerce audience, entitled “Balancing Progress With Preservation.”
SDDT 10/14/02 Reinvent planning

How did they plan great cities before we had fancy computers to draw colorful maps? Are cities planned better since? These questions were brought into focus recently when I attended a meeting where developers were presenting their ground-truthing for the County's General Plan 2020 update.

SDDT 8/5/02 Housing Hysteria
Unprecedented discussions about San Diego’s unaffordable housing have taken place since a July 2001 City Council direction that staff create proposal for a "flexible inclusionary housing program with incentives."
SDDT 1/31/02 Who Gives?
I spent some volunteer hours over the holidays pouring over political campaign donor reports – wondering and learning – who gives?
SDDT 1/22/02 Justice Matters
District Attorney is up for re-election with a field of three healthy challengers in the March 5 primary.
SDDT 12/3/01 911: Reduce our Risk

At the beginning of the nuclear age, utility companies wouldn't go near the nuclear power business because no insurance firm would accept responsibility for accidents. Nuclear proponents lobbied and Congress passed the Price-Anderson Act of 1957. It was to be a temporary, ten-year measure to "encourage the private development of nuclear power."

SDDT 6/18/01 Pollitics Higher taxes or higher traffic? Which would you choose? The problem is, we are getting both.
SDDT 5/7/01 Management Breakdown at SANDAG

Debate rages over instituting a new form of regional government in San Diego. Why? If a recent San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Board hearing is any indication, our current version of regional government simply isn't up to the complex task of deliberating and resolving the critical issues concerning growth management.

SDDT 10/27/00 Political sizing What's a voter to think if most candidates are saying that they will be the one to actually do something about cleaning up our beaches and bays?
SDDT 10/16/00 Open Secrets The absolute most excellent site just showed up on the internet.
SDDT 10/9/00 Let the Voting Begin Has anyone else noticed that advertisements are getting more and more absurd?
SDDT 9/5/00 Driving Technology Support Cleaner Cars for California (ZEV Program up for review)
SDDT 7/14/00 Energy Prophets Problems and solutions of energy deregulation
SDDT 8/7/00 Biotech vs Biology? Sorrento Valley Rd /Torrey Pines State Reserve
SDDT 7/28/00 Exactly what's wrong Mission Bay / Jet Ski Politics
SDDT 7/21/00 Process over performance Just part of why our transportation systems are uncompetitive.
SDDT 7/10/00 Ask the Mayoral Candidates Politics, Environment and The Mayor
SDDT 5/15/00 Blame Game Wetlands vs. Roads
SDDT 5/1/00 Penciling Out Energy, Politics & SDG&E
SDDT 4/24/00 Rationale for Regionalism Smart Growth & regionalism
SDDT 4/10/00 Smart growth showdown Assumption of Smart Growth
SDDT 4/3/00 Sprawlitics County rezone of agricultural preserves
SDDT 3/13/00 Putting up  What would a great transportation system be like?
SDDT 3/6/00 Ambush week Election politics
SDDT 2/28/00 Free To Be Stupid  Election politics
SDDT 1/28/00 Rhetoric vs. Reality Election politics
SDDT 1/17/00 Sloppy or Sleazy? Election politics
SDDT 12/27/99  Calendar Coincidence Technology/internet
SDDT 11/26/99  Influences Past and Future Growth/sprawl -- the Top 10 influences in American cities
SDDT 11/22/99  Growth Politics Urban planning/sprawl -- Fanita Ranch
SDDT 10/29/99 Sign of new times  BIG signs not needed
SDDT 10/11/99  Sludge Fund Mission Bay Park, pollution & $$
  Civic Infrastructure Public participation
SDDT 7/19/99 More of the same  
SDDT 7/5/99 Permitting Pollution Jet ski pollution
SDDT 6/21/99 Preventing Pointless Pollution Stormwater pollution prevention
SDDT 6/14/99 Interesting Times Environmental revolution?
SDDT 6/7/99 Political Infrastructure Thinking regionally
SDDT 5/31/99 Civic Salad Smart growth
SDDT 5/10/99 Beyond Sentiment Energy victims
SDDT 5/3/99 Still Smarting Smart growth
SDDT 4/26/99 Pollution Politics Persist Water pollution
SDDT 3/29/99 Grow Getters Smart growth?
SDDT 1/25/99 Grow Up San Diego Population growth
SDDT 1/18/99 Mismatch? What kind of growth?
SDDT 1/12/99 Political Species MSCP lawsuit
SDDT 1/5/99 Extinction Politics Endangered Species Act & MSCP
SDDT 11/30/98 Giving Thanks Carmel Mountain Preserve
SDDT 11/23/98 Cut taxes, save the world Harnessing the market for the environment
SDDT 11/9/98 Ballot Box Reality Review of election results
SDDT 11/2/98 The Devil in the Details Congress & the environment -- NOT
SDDT 10/26/98 Sprawl Wars  Responsible growth?
SDDT 10/19/98 Political Truth: Just Say Moo
SDDT 10/5/98 Congressional Attachments Congress & environment -- NOT
SDDT 9/28/98 Short-Attention-Span Politics Who has time for politics?
SDDT 9/21/98 Public Trussed "Poor" Bill Clinton
SDDT 9/14/98 Sprawling America Suburban sprawl growth
SDDT 8/31/98 Don't inhale or Keep on Breathin' Alternatives to diesel
SDDT 7/20/98 21st Century Infrastructure: Builders Wanted Science, environment & growth
SDDT 7/13/98 Driving Taxes Vehicle licence fee cuts
SDDT 7/6/98 Planning Happens Planning & growth
SDDT 6/29/98 Port Misauthority Port of San Diego
SDDT 6/22/98 A Tale of Two Developments Growth & development
SDDT 6/15/98 Political education Transit connections missing
SDDT 6/8/98 Out of Balance Politics & environment
SDDT 6/1/98 Who's Doing What Politics & environment
SDDT 4/13/99 Cut Polluter Pork Cut pollution subsidies
SDDT 3/30/98 Trash tangle Where does the trrash go?
SDDT 3/23/98 Water Efficiency State water systems
SDDT 3/16/98 A bay in the hand is worth a bunch to Busch, or
Givin' away the bay
Mission Bay Park
SDDT 3/2/98 Going, Going, Gone Endangered biodiversity
SDDT 1/12/98 Fields of Dreams, or People Politics The ballot initiative process
SDDT 1/5/98 New Year, New Hope Political justice?
SDDT 12/29/97 In with the new Year-end summary
SDDT 12/22/97 Responsibility Relief Regulatory relief politics
SDDT 12/8/97 Tyranny of Choice or The Terms of the Deals Downtown dealmaking
SDDT 11/24/97 Back of the Bus Multiple Species Conservation Plan
SDDT 11/17/97  Wets up? Wetlands protection