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January cover: Bryce Canyon, Utah


Walk your talk

Global ecology

Ecology and community
Changes in the way we view the world are marked by paradigm shifts: new ways of thinking arise when long-accepted certainties collapse under the weight of new evidence, or new interpretations that are a better match to our reality. World famous author Fritjof Capra shares the principles of sustainability found in nature that underlie our newest paradigm, and are key to healthy communities.


Good as wood?
What would an ideal replacement for virgin redwood look like? It would be made out of recycled scrap. It would have similar physical properties, so the same fabrication tools and techniques would work. Weather resistant, splinter-free, easy to finish, and very cheap. Well, Trex isn't cheap, but 5 out of 6 isn't bad.

New groundwater purification process
This new biological process doesn't just move toxins around from one part of the environment to another ... it actually destroys them.

First Green Seal approval for metal paint
As our regular readers know, Green Seal is one of the premier organizations who evaluate the environmental impacts of products. Now, a paint line has passed their rigorous test criteria.

Local ecology

As the Wastewater Flows: an update
Not exactly the irresistible force vs. the immovable object, but the controversy and legal battles over the wastewater treatment plant in the Tijuana River valley continue.

San Diego Earth Day

EarthFair '95 ... it's that time again!
April 1995 will see the 25th anniversary of Earth Day. Come to an SDED volunteer meeting and see what you can do to help.

Earthkalah: Super*Kids for the future
Anniversary performances of "Earthkalah," a children's musical, are planned.

Observations from the edge

"R" is for resolution
Our resident eco-radical has something to say about New Year's resolutions.

Book review

Put your money where your future is
"Sustaining the Earth: Choosing Products that are Safe For You, Your Family, and the Earth" gives you the tools you need to make eco-friendly purchases.


Factoids, info-bits and eco-trivia