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February cover: Coopers hawk


After the flood

Global ecology: focus on coffee

The History of a Cup of Coffee
That cup of morning coffee is the end product of more environmentally damaging processes than you would imagine, involving insecticides, metals refining, fossil fuel production and use ... the list goes on. So sit back with a cup and have a read.

Organic coffee: more than just a business with Elan
There are a number of companies starting to specialize in organic coffee marketing. But few do it with the style and commitment of the folks at this San Diego-based company.

Growing coffee with a conscience
Organic coffee tastes pretty much the same as non-organic. Why bother? Well for your own health and the health of global ecosystems, for starters. Find out what's happening in this expanding specialty market.

Wildlife preservation

Raptors: maintaining nature's balance
Birds of prey hold a special symbolic significance for us: majesty, freedom, independence; we chose one as our national symbol. In the natural world they serve a critical function, and provide us with an environmental early warning system.


New collection program pays cash for used auto oil
The City of San Diego's new program makes it easier than ever to responsibly dispose of toxic auto wastes. A partnership between the City and private businesses is the key.


Piloting spaceship earth to a sustainable future
Local environmentalist Jim Bell is presenting a new course designed to train participants in leading-edge thinking about creating an environmentally sustainable future.

San Diego Earth Day

Strong Earth, strong bodies
SDED announces a new program aimed at raising consumer awareness of ­p; and demand for ­p; organic produce. Sponsored by Mothers and Others, this project is looking for volunteers ... any takers out there?

Observations from the edge

"M" is for mitigation
Mitigation must have been invented by a politician. Our resident eco-radical has a few choice words about it.


Factoids, infobits and eco-trivia