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December cover: Christmas ginger


Season's Greenings

Ecopreneurs & Economics

Dreaming of a green Christmas
Do you have a hard time finding environmentally sound holiday gifts that won't be politely "filed away" when you leave the room? We sent our reporter out to find some unique "green" gifts. She visited stores specializing in eco-products as well as mainstream vendors. Check our her list.

Local ecology

Fear and loathing in Mira Mesa
This drama being played out in Mira Mesa is an absolutely classic architype of businessmen trying to build an industrial plant with little understanding for the concerns of the local citizenry.

Floodplain fever: the trolley arrives in Mission Valley
The trolley is ready to be extended through Mission Valley along the San Diego River floodway, despite concerns that the chosen right-of-way is right through remaining wetlands and the floodplain.

Wildlife conservation

There's a new wildlife policy in Kenya: use it or lose it
The new director of the Kenya Wildlife Service is looking for ways to give landowners a stake in wildlife conservation.


Environmental science lab to bloom at inner city school
A new Outdoor Learning Lab will give students at the Lincoln/Gompers Cluster Schools hands-on experience with environmental issues.


Carlsbad company cleans up
BCD International's biodegradable cleaner is the first to receive the prestigious Green Seal award.

San Diego Earth Day

Earth Day is what YOU make it
Announcing the first planning meetings for 1995 and the 25th anniversary of Earth Day.

Observations from the edge

"T" is for tinsel
Our resident eco-radical on the holidays

Book review

The How-to alternative to command and control rules
In "Rules for Reaching Consessus." Steven Saint and James Lawson provide practical guidelines for managing group decision making.


Factiods, random bits and eco-trivia