Table of Contents

Cover: Beach in Oahu, Hawaii


Growth of a backwater

Local Ecology

At the beach: ecology and economy
Increasing population, an overburdened sewage system, sporadic rain pattern and careless dumping burden our shoreline.

Natural resources

Resource protection under attack in San Diego
The Resource Protection Ordinance is locally under attack. You can help. If you think you can't, read the article on page 9.
This land was your land
" like any unguarded treasure, the [federal] lands have attracted thieves, some of whom are now in Congress."
Eating the land away
Western grazing laws and policies amount to a giveaway, degrading the land and running a deficit in the $100s of millions.
Getting over it and getting politically active
Most people have some great reasons for not being politically active; we've gathered our top 10. Which reasons would YOU be willing to give up in order to make a difference?


Sustainable partnerships
Progressive companies create a successful ­p; and profitable ­p; future by actively and positively responding to environmental imperatives.
The newly-formed, action-oriented Sustainability Network of San Diego holds its first public meeting, and extends an invitation.

Observations from the Edge

"N" is for Newt
If Bob's opinions seem harsh, you should have seen the first draft.

San Diego Earth Day

First SDED Restoration Project a success

Earth Day '96: it's that time again
Each year, SDED works with more than 500 volunteers. Is it your turn this year?