February 2000 Table of Contents

Election 2000 -- vote on March 7
  Rhetoric vs. Reality
    Poll-driven political marketing doesn't always match a candidate's record.
  League announces endorsements
    League of Conservation Voters endorsements for the March 7 primary election.
Local Ecology
  Nuclear carrier accident calls into question Navy's willingness to notify the public
    Navy steadfastly refuses to inform the public about "events" involving nuclear reactors.
  Uncommon sense
    It will take a new vision to solve our transportation problems, and the proposed Regional Transportation Plan is just more of the same.
  Human-Powered Film Tour comes to San Diego
    Feb 15 - see the new Toyota Prius electric/gas combo car.
  Water markets satisfy cities' thirst and protect farms
    New plan to satisfy our cities' thirst while protecting agriculture in California.
  The California Materials Exchange: a waste prevention tool you can't do without
National Issues
  Sierra Club looks with hope to new century
    A look back at the 20th century, and new goals for the 21st.
  US can still meet emissions target on time, with big savings
Global Ecology
  Scripps scientists pinpoint new, major source of atmospheric methyl bromide
    Salt marshes surprisingly represent 10 percent of the world's methyl bromide production.
  Spaceborne laser instruments to revolutionize understanding of global change
    New technology will provide a new look at how clouds and dust particles contribute to global climate change.
  Transgenic fish could threaten wild populations
    Genetically engineered critter can process toxins in high radiation environments.
  Showdown in Seattle: Five Days that Shook the WTO
Toxics & Pollution
  Superbug for digesting atomic waste
    This domestic pest is good at digesting petroleum contamination.
  New energy-efficient Chinese refrigerator will have global impact

Researchers have developed a bacterial strain of Deinococcus radiodurans that can detoxify both mercury and toluene at nuclear waste sites.


Voluntary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions have almost tripled since 1994


Research suggests widely used models may under predict pollution


The crabgrass is greener than you think

  Take the clean car pledge
In Your Garden
  It's time for seed catalogs and wishful thinking
Observations from the Edge
  Giving up the Ghost almost