Table of Contents

February cover: Adult northern goshawk


Planning for growth: An eagle's eye view

Conservation from an eagle's evey view

Raptor Rapture in Ramona
You can still see golden eagles as you drive into Ramona, but for how long?

Golden eagles losing ground in the county
What effect will local conservation plans have on San Diego's resident eagles?
County faces contempt hearing over land use changes
The Board of Supervisors is forging ahead with plans that could open the back country to development. A key public hearing is scheduled for February 19th, 9am at the County Administration on Pacific Coast Highway.

Meet local birds of prey and raptor experts
Charismatic wildlife biologist Steve Hoffman from HawkWatch International in Salt Lake City will be here to report on "The Status of Birds of Prey in the West."
The devil is in the details
Everybody agrees change is needed, but is this the best we can do?
New Think: the cartoon
"We're Stealing"

Living Environment

Keep it clean!
Part of our series on creating an environmentally friendly home or office, this month we suggest tips for cleaning and maintenance.

Health and Diet

San Diego alternative healing schools: pioneers to the future
A look at San Diego's alternative healing schools, working to integrate the best of western, eastern and inner practices.
Had any green Mexican food lately?
Michael Oshman takes you with him on a satisfying trip for the taste buds and the soul.

Observations from the edge

Tofu surprise and coyote cries
Our resident eco-radical confronts the realities of the food chain.

San Diego Earth Day

Earth Day is for lovers