February '98 Table of Contents


Local Ecology

Flooding: brought to you by the City of San Diego

An in-depth history of the Peñasquitos Lagoon watershed and the disrespect shown to this important habitat by developers and the City.

Protecting our wetlands it's the water

A primer on why protection of watersheds is critical to water quality.

San Diego achieves cleanest air since 1955

Air standards violations were way down in '97. Most air pollution now floats down from LA!

Population, transportation and our quality of life

You might think that adding new roads would improve congestion. You would be wrong.

Will research save the honeybee and pollination?

It may seem unbelievable, but a mite has virtually wiped out wild honeybees.

Global Ecology

Don Quixotes of the environment

The stories of six Goldman Environmental Prize winners.

Even in Roman times, human activity altered atmospheric composition

Greenland ice cap samples reveal a record of large-scale lead are pollution.

Rainforest fires: the U.S. link

Increased burning is by large, not small farmers. That, our demand for wood, put rainforests at risk.


Solar success stays in shadow

Technology advances and near-term projections indicate that cost-effective solar energy may be near.

Refrigerators the story behind a crucial appliance

This modest appliance is a success story for energy conservation.

Diet & Health

Caffeine may prolong life of cancer cells

Damaged cells have a natural suicide process that caffeine inhibits.

Sleep debt is killing Americans and hurting economy

Vegetarian Diet Pyramid released

An update of the now-obsolete food pyramid.

Observations from the Soul

The cosmic calendar and the coming millennium

Our resident eco-radical ponders possible planetary eviction.

San Diego EarthWorks

Restore Florida Canyon & San Dieguito River Park

Come help clean up and restore natural habitats.

February volunteer meetings


New Think: The Cartoon

In Your Garden