February '99 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
    A widely varied group of participants at a Smart Growth Workshop all agreed that smart growth is a good idea. But... what is smart growth, exactly?
San Diego EarthWorks
  Volunteer for Earth Day
    Want to make a difference for the environment? Here's your chance.
  EarthWorks receives grant from State Parks
    The California State Parks Foundation is sponsoring two local projects as part of a statewide program.
National Issues
  What did we learn in 1998?
    Corporate culpability reaches an all-time high with the Top 10 Worst Corporations of 1998.
  Accountability and public interest research
    You'd be surprised what is being done in the name of the public -- that's us. And, we even get to pay for it.
  The Power of Two: Conservation and Corporate Environmental Responsibility
    A new report by The Nature Conservancy indicates the public's belief that a partnership between corporations and conservation groups is what's needed.
  Sierra Club calls Clinton's investment in America's heritage a bold step forward
    Great stuff... if he can get congress to go along.
Global Ecology
  New century to be marked by growing threats, opportunities
    A Worldwatch Institute report on the state of the world at the end of the millennium.
  20 year global temperature record shows warming and cooling trends
    Recent satellite data do not suggest a statistically significant warming trend over the past 20 years. 1998 heat records can be attributed to El Niño effects,
In Your Garden
  Building good soil is the foundation of a healthy garden
    Have a hard time telling the difference between the concrete slab in your patio and the soil in your garden? Here are Don's surefire rules for building rich, healthy soil.
Diet & Health
  Legal petitions filed to force FDA, CDC to combat "mad cow" type disease in the United States
    The unnatural practice of feeding livestock the remains of other livestock has given rise to new, deadly forms of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease.
  Wildlife Fund wants a world DDT ban
  One scientist's story: leukemia and the nuclear industry in France
    Persecution may not be able to stop the truth, but it still hurts.
  Talking trash: why, Coke not Pepsi?
    How Coke's reneging on a promise has killed part of the recycling industry.
Observations from the Edge
  Feeding Frenzy 101: Strip Malls and Sprawl
    Community park vs. luxury homes: guess who wins?