Surf contest will highlight the environment

by Ely Santos
o you remember when the ocean used to be a place where you could go for good clean fun? When the ocean was free of floating plastic bags, plastic six pack rings, or aluminum cans? How about when it was free and safe from sewage spills, oil spills, or chemical waste?
Probably no group is more directly affected by ocean pollution than surfers, many of whom have suffered infections from water-bourn bacteria and toxins. It makes sense that they should take action to increase public awareness of this problem.
The "Clean Water Classic" environmental longboard surf event has been designed to support this type of education, awareness and action. The event was developed by Ely Santos of the Santos Environmental Promotions. Scheduled for April 8-9, 1995, the Classic will be held in Oceanside just south of the pier. This PLA rated PRO/Am longboard surfing competition will attract numerous legendary surfers and professional athletes to compete in the name of Earth Day 1995.
In addition to the competition itself, a 25th anniversary Earth Day celebration will be held from 7:00am to 5:00pm. The celebration will include exhibits, musical and cultural entertainment, vendors, food booths, raffles, prize giveaways - and a chance to win a classic longboard.
Supporters include Chevrolet/Geo Environmental, BCD International, Deja Shoe, AirTouch Cellular, Farmers Insurance, Long-boarder Magazine, San Diego Earth Times and American Sports Network.
In addition, a beach cleanup will be set for Sunday morning.
For more information on sponsorship or vending opportunities, or to participate in the surfing competition or beach cleanup, please call (619) 975-2038 between 8am and 6pm.