April 2000 Table of Contents

The Environment and You
  Earth Day 2000: A 30-Year Report Card
    On the first Earth Day in 1970, experts warned that the planet's natural systems were being dangerously destabilized by human industry. Here's how we have fared on some key fronts since then.
  Earth Day 2000 -- New Energy for a new Era
    Here are three things you can do TODAY to help fight global warming.
  Be an Earth Day Energy-Saver "Bright Light"
    If you can change a light bulb, you can make a difference.
  Green Light
    Environmental Q&A.
  Help local nonprofit save trees
    Take part in this free program to purchase recycled copy paper.
Global Ecology
  GAO study links aircraft emissions to global warming
  Air pollution can prevent rainfall
  Melting of earth's ice cover reaches new high
    "Help I'm melting!"
In your garden
  Spring: the quickening of rebirth
San Diego EarthWorks
  Don't miss the VIP Benefit and Earth Awards on April 27
    Tenth auunal event features awards, a silent auction -- and great food.
  Volunteering for EarthFair is this Your Year?
  The drive to Los Angelization
    Editor Carolyn Chase takes a look at the policies that are helping our region emulate our northern neighbor's worst feature: traffic congestion. 
  A politician's -- and citizen's -- guide to urban transportation
    Probably the most noticeable feasture of San Diego's growth is the traffic congestion. This feature article traces the roots of our transportation problems, and suggest how we can approach a solution. If you care about traffic, read this article.
  Walk SanDiego
  Safe and beautiful streets
    Street "improvements" in Carlsbad have had just the opposite of the intended result.
  Putting health at the heart of transport policies
  Myron Orfield: Man with Maps
    Prominent expert on approaches to regional government here on April 24.
Health and Diet
  USDA accounces new proposal for national organic standard
  2.3 Million pounds of poison: methyl bromide use near California schools
Observations from the Edge
  Machiavellian Mobility and the Path Once Traveled
    Our local eco-radical introduces an astonishing concept in transportation.