April 2004 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  Tired of traffic? Tired of taxes? Be wary of more of the same
  Assemblymember Christine Kehoe names Carolyn Chase Woman of the Year
  Chemical industry's (formerly) secret plan to attack California's anti-toxics trend
    Memo calls for phony front groups, spying on activists
National Issues
  Five power companies answer WWF challenge to commit to clean energy and support limits on carbon dioxide emissions
  Senator Barbara Boxer hosted by San Diego Sierra Club
  The Bush Administration's record on the environment
  While many see the President busy with national security and terrorism, the record also shows his administration is actively dismantling, undoing and reversing decades of hard-won environmental health and heritage protections - while giving away the store to irresponsible corporations and campaign donors.
Earth Day 2004
  Volunteer for Earth Day!
  Attend the VIP Benefit and EARTH Awards
  Green light, red light: Model Year 2004's “greenest” and “meanest” vehicles announced
Global Ecology
  Richer, fatter, and not much happier
Consumer appetite erodes quality of life for rich and poor, reports State of the World 2004
  Sumatran tiger on brink of extinction
  WWF efforts yield two new national parks in Indonesia
Marine Ecology
  Fish Wars: How cheap oil drives industrial longline fishing
Groups call on Wal-Mart to influence retailer to end sales of whale and dolphin meat in Japan
“WHALE*MART” Report Reveals Wal-Mart's Link to Japan's Market for Whale and Dolphin Meat
  Green Coalition criticizes cruise industry claims of improved environmental performance