April 2005 Table of Contents

From the Editor
Distractions that matter
Local Ecology
  “Kids in Canyons” – Watershed days for San Diego
Hands-on programs teach students the importance of the canyons, and how to help preserve this beloved natural resource.
  Fishers and their families at risk from polluted fish
    Join the Environmental Health Coalition as they ask the Regional Board to clean up the San Diego Bay.
Earth Day 2005
  Make Every Vote Count!
Donna Frye speaks at a rally at EarthFair in Balboa Park, noon, May 1st, at the Sun Stage.
  WIN a KYOCERA Solar Electric System!
Raffle for $14,000 solar electric system to benefit San Diego EarthWorks and Americans for Solar Power.
  Attend Awards Reception in honor of Earth Day
  Take the city’s water conservation survey
Celebrating Earth Day the organic way
Global Ecology
  2005: Nature’s Crisis
In the United States, the federal government has become the sworn enemy of conservation.
  Experts warn ecosystem changes will continue to worsen, putting global development goals at risks
Global warming bill means thousands of new jobs
Marine Ecology
  Scripps researchers find clear evidence of human-produced warming in world’s oceans
Pollution and Waste
  Resolve the conflict of environmental guilt vs. lifestyle with TerraPass
  Waves not walls: border pollution solutions
Diet & Health
  Sick of dust? Hazardous chemicals found in household dust across the United States
Abundance of toxic chemicals leach from electronics, shower curtains, vinyl flooring and other common household products causes unnecessary health risks.
Obsesrvations from the Edge
  Screw Earth Day! We need an Earth Century!