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March cover: Earth Flower by Steven Morris


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Local ecology

Green Up Your Earth toDay
10 things you can do to tread more lightly on the earth.

Home safe home
Replace toxic products in your home with safe, effective alternatives.

Safe storage of toxic household products
It you must use toxic products, keep them out of harm's way.

Special Focus on Politics and Activism

Interview: Frances Moore Lapee and Paul Martin DuBois
YIKES! Revitalization of our democracy through making politics fun.
County resource protection battle moves forward
Local politics in vintage form

Natural Heritage and Quality of Life Survey
Take a stand for our county's environment and let the supervisors know.

Saving the environment during a Republican Congress
Can cooperative alliances for the environment can work where "enemies" and "big government" fail?

San Diego Earth Day

Get involved with Earth Day - volunteer today
San Diego Earth Day events are produced entirely by volunteers. We'd like your participation - but you have to promise to have fun.

Avoid parking hassles - use the EarthFair Shuttle

All species invited to joing the Earth Day Parade
Come march in the parade that opens EarthFair.

EarthFair '96 Program Guide
Your key to what's where in Balboa Park on Sunday, April 21.

Healing plants of Africa
African ethnobotanist Dr. Anthony Andoh to speak.

San Diego Earth Day presents ... the 1996 EARTH Awards
Attend the awards ceremony on April 18th hosted by actor Ed. Begley Jr.

Forest Preservation

The dying of the trees

Sad news: Throughout the country, trees are dying at unprecedented rates.

Cut waste, not trees
We have the means to dramatically reduce wood consumption now.


April calendar of Earth-Friendly Events

Observations from the Edge: "O" is for overpopulation