Table of Contents

May cover: Jungle by Carol Lozito


We the people

Green construction

From the White House to your house
President Clinton's program is retrofitting this historic structure with energy efficient and environmentally responsible technology.

Straw bale construction: an update
A basic primer on the advantages of this 200-year-old building method.

Straw bale evangelism takes off
A surprising level of public interest promises to fill a May hands-on workshop on straw bale construction techniques.

Habitat for Humanity goes for straw
Straw appears to be the appropriate technology for two low-cost housing projects in Mexico.

Global ecology

Incentives and biodiversity
The use of rational incentive programs in place of regulations would provide a way to protect biodiversity in the United States.


Environmental action begins with environmental literacy
It takes more than just education to create an environmentally responsible citizen. The WATERSHED Project helps fill in the missing piece.


Compost happens
The story of how one woman started composting ... and ended up teaching others how do to it.

Everything you need to know to get started

Turn your kitchen garbage into a rich soil ammendment with help from our little friends.


Consider this ...
The power we wield with our dollars as consumers can be a powerful force for the good of the environment ... if we choose wisely.

San Diego Earth Day announces EARTH Awards

Observations from the edge

"U" is for Ugly
Our resident eco-radical shares some recent experiences of eco-ugly.