Table of Contents

Cover Photo: Cougar cub


Internet, anyone?

Habitat preservation

Forests nationwide brutally clear-cut
Take your blood pressure medicine before you read this.

Resource Protection Ordnance: down but not out
Can a compramise be found to save local resource protections?

UN HABITAT II conference

Politics and Ecology

San Diego's congressional Environmental Scorecard finds heroes and zeroes
Some get an A+, others an F. If you follow the political scene, you could probably guess the results.

Cougars and Humans: who is attacking whom?
The concerns are real, but the solution is a sham. Cast your NO vote on Prop. 197 to stop this trophy hunter's boondoggle.


Wall-to-wall improvements with the environment in mind
Now you can buy carpeting that you know can be recycled

Global Ecology

The Next Reformation
The breakdowns in our environment and economy are generally viewed with alarm and pessimism. However, futurist Paul Hawken finds in them the seeds of a new reformation that will alter our life for the better as significantly as the industrial revolution.

Local Ecology

Environmental technology challenge issued - and accepted
Chula Vista leads the way in this national program

Observations from the edge

'H' is for hypocrisy
Out local eco-radical takes on smoking, soda pop, consumerism, and all those other things we love so much. Ouch!

San Diego Earth Day

March volunteer meetings announced