April '98 Table of Contents


From the publishers
Time for a New American Dream


Local Ecology

Endangered Species Act held hostage
A lawsuit has been filed to force the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to do what the law requires: provide protection for endangered species.
100 billion beverage containers recycled



ENERGY: choosing clean power in California
Here's a little help to cut through the ad campaigns and make smart energy choices.


San Diego EarthWorks EarthFair Special

Kids activities at EarthFair '98

Take part in Earth Day restoration projects

Make a difference by helping cleanup and restore natural areas.
EarthWorks receives "5% Day" from Whole Foods
Shop at Whole Foods on Earth Day, April 22.
Consider the Source at annual VIP reception


Diet and Health

Ancient dietary wisdom for tomorrow's children
This article presents a strong case that traditional diets, not the factory-processed, low-fat diets we hear are good for us, are important to healthy growth and development.


In Your Garden

Food Fascism
The USDA is poised to trash the definition of "organic" foods by allowing all kinds of questionable practices and preventing any higher standards from being adopted.
Kids and composting


Observations from the edge

Looking out for Mother
Earth Day and EarthFair are fine, thank you very much, but how about the rest of the year?
The mothership connection



New Think: The Cartoon