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March cover: Orchid


That was the Earth Day that was

Resources: focus on home appliances

Home, home and the range
Whether you're thinking about purchasing new appliances or just trying to get the most out of your current ones, these tips from experts at the Rocky Mountain Institute will help you save money and energy.

Where do old appliances go to die?
Old major appliances can't be sent to the landfill ­p; it's California law. They must be recycled. Find out where to take them, and how to avoid problems.

Clean laundry - no soap
One of those technological marvels provides an effective replacement for detergents.


Dodging dairy - handling food allergies
Many adults and some children have allergic reactions to diary products. But no need to forsake your cheese sandwiches - there are some excellent substitutes for cheese, milk, yogurt, eggs, shortening and butter.

Health & pollution

Hazard on the highway
Once upon a time (around 1970), diesel was the rage: the fuel is cheaper than gas and diesel engines are among the most efficient (even if the smoky emissions could knock you over). Now, there is substantial evidence that the smoky emissions are a potent carcinogen.

A giant spraying sound
In Mexican fields, a tomato could be sprayed with pesticides as many as 25 times before it arrives in your market. The runoff pollution is bad enough, but the field workers are being sprayed as well - and are dying.

Local ecology

What kind of legacy will we leave?
San Diego City Council member Harry Mathis joins with citizens trying to preserve "Neighborhood 8A," a sensitive and ecologically important area just inland of Torrey Pines State Preserve, currently slated for development.

"Staying Alive!" Assessing the Endangered Species Act
The San Diego Natural History Museum hosts a presentation by experts and roundtable discussion of the Act: is it working, what has been accomplished so far, what are the economic impacts.

San Diego Earth Day

1995 San Diego Environmental Achievement Award winners
Acknowledging local organizations for positive environmental action.

Observations from the edge

"E" is for extinction
Our eco-radical isidentifies the hidden issue behind the controversy about the Endangered Act: greed.