Table of Contents

June cover: "Man's best frined"


The endangered Endangered Species Act

Health & Toxics

The dogs of war
Almost 4,000 dogs served along side our servicemen in Vietnam ­p; and were exposed to the same toxic agents. Now, studies of these canines show physiological effects that can only be due to dangerous chemical agents. What does this mean for our stateside health and safety?


Cooking with the sun
It may seem hard to believe, but the simple act of cooking food is a major labor and resource drain for many poor and developing countries. Now, a simple device - the solar box cooker - promises a simple, inexpensive solution.

Diet & Health

Confessions of an ex-junk food junkie
Making fundamental changes in the way we live is never easy ­p; especially with respect to the food we eat. If you really want to change, here are some tips that can help you along the way.

Local Ecology

Clean Water Wars: San Diego City Council approves a "final solution" for the Tijuana River Valley
The San Diego City Council continues to steamroller ahead with plans for the International Wastewater Treatment Plant, despite concerns about ocean water quality and toxics.

San Diego Earth Day

Greg Louganis leads Pride Parade
SDED volunteers have become known for their impeccable cleanup job following the EarthFair in Balboa Park. Now, the organization has been asked to coordinate recycling activities at next month's Pride Parade.

Observations from the edge

"S" is for subsidy
Cutting social and environmental programs on one hand while giving away hundreds of millions of dollars for the benefit of private corporations on the other doesn't make sense to our resident eco-radical - and doesn't make sense for the rest of us, either.