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June cover: Flower and Insect


Crisis? What crisis?


The war on pests
Chemical pesticides are becoming a losing proposition. In addition to unwanted toxic effects in the environment, the pests learn to tolerate them. IPM ­p; Integrated Pest Management ­p; relys on a mixture of modern and ancient techniques to replace toxic pesticides.

IPM alive and well in San Diego
Local growers use IPM for crops like strawberries and avocados.

Green pet care

Can killing bugs kill our pets?
Unfortunately, it's far too easy to poison our pets when going after insects and other household pests. Fortunately, there are many safe alternatives.

Healthy pets, no fleas
Make sure that your flea treatments don't harm your pet.

Air Quality

The Port District doesn't know which way the wind is blowing!
Residents of Barrio Logan and Coronado protest releases of toxic methyl bromide the Port District uses to fumigate produce. The promised recycling equipment is years late, and the monitoring system almost worthless.

Tiny particles in air liked to 1,000 early deaths in San Diego
San Diego ranks the thireeenth worst in the nation for particulate air pollution.

Take care of your air
Natural processes like lightening create ozone and other ions that naturally clean the air outdoors. Ion generators can do the same indoors.

San Diego Earth Day

"Hey mister, where's your cow?
Students at Jefferson Elementary learn about organic methods on a farm tour at Be Wise Ranch in north county.

EarthFair '96 report

Observations from the edge

"L" is for lacking
Our resident eco-radical ponders the necessities of life and all that other unnecessary stuff we acquire anyway.