Table of Contents

July cover: Alaskan brown bears


Life is like a balloon ... or is it a piñata?

Economy and Ecology

Market Commons: why it's so hard to shop for a better world
As much as consumption itself, it's the nature of the modern market-place ­p; anonmyous and impersonal ­p; that's the problem.

Building a green marketplace
Announcing the formation of the San Diego Enviro Business Consortium, dedicated to sensible environmental stewardship.

Social Ecology

Entangled in time?
Since we're being so much more productive, why isn't life more satisfying? Could it have something to do with how we spend our time?

Guerrilla Goodness: an interview with "Dreamcatcher" Ivan Scheier
Volunteerism as a way to a more fulfilling, empowering life.

Border environmental plan seeking public comments
US and Mexican governments invite public review of the Border XXI Framework document that will guide binational protection of border environments.


Beyond the usual - recycling leaders keep going, and going, and going
The City of Del Mar, Solana Recyclers and the City of San Diego name the Recyclers of the Year.


Hemp: a new look an an ancient resource
Could cultivation of this plant truly end deforestation, provide a sustainable alternative to oil-based fuels and solve world hunger?

San Diego Earth Day

Announcing the North County Harvest EarthFair
The EarthFair goes biannual with this major new event.

Join San Diego Coastwalk
The EarthFair goes biannual with this major new event.

Observations from the edge

"Q" is for Quixotic
Our resident eco-radical tries to distinguish dragons from windmills.