June '99 Table of Contents

In This Issue
 Local Ecology
  Navy attitude toward San Diego civilian healthand safety invites citizen lawsuits
    Our "good neighbor" refuses to even discuss the potential toxic effects of their operations here.
  Local recycling hurt by federal subsidies
  Taxpayer subsidies waste resources and discourage recycling.
  Everyday decisions
  As we've always suspected, paper vs. plastic is a trivial choice, compared to others we make every day.
  Beyond Sentiment
  The Great Gasout: a smoke screen to cover our addiction to a gallon of gas.
  Smart Growth in San Diego: a working model
  Moving from eco-efficiency to eco-effectiveness:An interview with Ray Anderson and Bill McDonough
  Two industry leaders discuss what it takes to breed truly environmentally responsible businesses.
  From green trimmings to a green soul: seven steps to a greener company
  Measuring progress along the path to environmental responsibility.
National Issues
  Land-grant colleges can lead "national challenge" to solve critical water problems
  Our fundamental water shortage problems need addressing and soon.
Global Ecology
  West coast whale deaths could be due to food supply
  Food shortages in the Bering Sea may be the culprit.
  1998 was warmest year of the millennium
  The abrupt warming of the late 20th century may be a cause for concern.
In Your Garden
  Water saving in the garden
  Tips to help reserve this precious and expensive resource.
Diet & Health
  Pollutants in house dust increase pesticide's toxicity
  Beta-carotene supplements activate cancer-causing enzymes, study suggests
  Health experts advise caution when grilling meats
  Southern States Power buys Mexican oil extraction plant to produce bio-diesel
Observations from the Edge
  Courting the Nemesis Effect: your extinction or mine?
  Out resident eco-radical wonders why San Diego's growth doesn't qualify as "overpopulation."