July/August '99 Table of Contents

  Adventures in Driving: EV Does It
    Our intrepid editor embarks on a personal quest to "Think Globally, Cool Locally."
  Four paths for new power generation
    Developing countries have the option of lowering emissions without sacrificing economic growth.
  Air conditioning and household appliances
    Save money and help the environment by shopping for Energy Star.
  Clean power production gets boost from state funds
    California Legislature sets aside $540 million for renewable energy.
  General Motors announces sponsorship for the "FutureTruck 2000 and 2001"
    National challenge gives college students an opportunity to excel with alternative fuel technologies.
  Sierra Club applauds Daimler-Chrysler's promise to put cleaner cars on the road
    A fuel-cell car should be available by 2004.
  The state of the environment and business
    All signs seem to indicate that an environmental revolution in the business world is in progress.
National Issues
  Coalition of groups call for the F.A.C.T.s: Fair Agricultural Chemical Taxes
    It's time to stop giving tax breaks to polluting pesticides and fertilizers.
  Economy grows in 1998, global warming pollution doesn't
    New federal data show carbon emission cuts don't mean financial doom.
  Bluewater settles lawsuit with recreation industry over pollution by jet skis and snowmobiles
  Highway projects must comply with clean air plans
  Protecting the environment - what environmentalists do
    Editor and activist Carolyn Chase contemplates just what it is she does.
Diet & Health
  Acupuncture uses body's endorphin system to treat heart disease
In Your Garden
  Acid loving plants, something for everyone
  Xerox and 3M collaborate to bring to market groundbreaking electronic paper
  Pitt researchers develop lead-free "green" steel
    Replacing lead with tin in a common steel formula.
  Eco-friendly car interiors
    Composite made from kenaf makes eco-friendly car panels.
Observations from the Soul
  Cosmic Conservation & The Communal Womb